Auto Clicker

Auto-clicker and automation apps are tools that help automate various tasks, functions, and operations on your Android device. Auto-tapping apps typically work with a movable or floating control panel, allowing you to start, stop, and pause your taps. Automation apps can perform automatic clicking or tapping, as well as be programmed to carry out nearly any action your device can.

With the use of triggers, actions, and constraints (macros), automation apps can help you get the most out of your phone or tablet. If you wish to automate gaming actions, system maintenance, or practically any function or action your device can perform, the following auto tapper apps can deliver, and they don't require root access.

Tapping: Fast Auto Tap Android App

apping is an app that works wonders if you play games that require quick and repetitive taps or clicks. There's a floating control panel you can position anywhere on the screen, and over other active apps.

Set the control panel in the location that needs tapping, then tap the start button to begin. You can change the intervals between taps, the length of each tap, as well as the entire period. Tapping supports Android 7.0 and is free to download. For a small fee, you can get the pro version that comes with more features.

What We Like

  • The free version works well for high-speed or repetitive taps.
  • The floating control panel ensures more accurate tap positioning.

What We Don't Like

  • The free version is a little light on features.

Download Tapping for Android


Automatic Clicker

Fast Auto Clicker for Android With No Root Access

Automatic Clicker is another mobile app providing fast, accurate auto-tapping. Similar to Tapping, Automatic Clicker has a floating panel that acts as the app's start/stop controller.

It floats on top of any active apps and can be moved around accordingly, including mobile games that call for aggressive and repetitive tapping. You can adjust the click delay, duration, and the timeout period. 

Automatic Click supports Android 7.0 and up, is free to download, and offers a pro, ad-free version for a low cost.

What We Like

  • The free version has every feature.
  • The app clicks and taps quickly and accurately.

What We Don't Like

  • The lack of additional features.

Download Automatic Clicker for Android